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Signatures made simple

Upload your documents

Upload documents from your personal device or from cloud storage such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

Place your fields

Use our drag-and-drop tool to add name, date, signature, text box and initials fields on your document.

Send, sign and save securely

Email your document to the signers to complete their signature with an guided in-browser form-filling solution.

Time-saving Templates

Create your template once and reuse it again and again.

Upload your document, assign the necessary roles and place your fields, then hit publish. When you need to use it, simply add the signers name and email address and send it.

Take advantage of Agreeable templates for commonly used documents.

Reusable Weblinks

Create a weblink and generate an individual document with each signer.

Upload your document and place your fields, then hit publish. Access it by a public link and share it with to anyone. Capture the signer information once the link is opened and the information is requested.

Pause your weblink at anytime. If the link is accessed while paused the signer cannot sign it.

All the features

Multiple signers
Add as many signers as you want to your document or template.
Multiple documents
Add up to 10 files within a document to be signed.
Custom signing order
Send your documents to the right people in the right order.
Add contacts
Create a contact list to speed up your process when adding frequent signers.
Add a message
Include context with your signature request by including a message to your signers.
Save signature to reuse
Save your signature to reuse in all your documents going forward.
Receive notifications when your signers have completed the signing process.
Print a hard copy
Download, save and print a hard copy of your document once it is complete.
Activity log
Review critical data from you and your signers in case you ever need it.

Connect with services you already use

Access your documents directly from your cloud storage such Google Drive, One Drive or Dropbox or your personal device. More integrations coming soon!

Go paperless. Pay for less.

Optimise management and workflow processes, save time, and even more importantly – paper.

Save effort and money

The menial process of printing, filing, transporting your contracts with clients or employees — all adds up! Cut those costs by using Agreeable and save your business a lot of money and effort in the long run.

Increase productivity

Paperwork slows down a business and creates unnecessary clutter in an office. By digitising and transferring everything online, you can exponentially increase productivity and save space in your office.

Access everything, everywhere

Regardless of time zones and location, your employees and clients can quickly sign and send contracts online in seconds, sealing the deal without breaking a sweat — or the bank.

Go green for the planet

By swapping the endless stacks of paper with a streamlined online signature maker like Agreeable, you reduce your carbon footprint. Plus, you are more likely to attract investors when ESG is such a hot topic.

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