Why should I use online signing software?

Why should I use online signing software?
More businesses are beginning to invest in online signing software. It optimises management and workflow processes, saves you time, and even more importantly – paper.
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More businesses are beginning to invest in online signing software. It optimises management and workflow processes, saves you time, and even more importantly – paper. And although some may have reservations about its legitimacy, e-signatures are considered to be just as legal as handwritten signatures. 

New technologies are penetrating in almost every sector of business. And, therefore, the success of your company all depends on how quickly you can adapt to change. Moving towards an online, paperless solution is one of the easiest ways to keep your business one step ahead. And we’re here to tell you why. 

Saving You Your Most Precious Resource – Time 

Online signing software delivers documents and gets your required signatures in a timely manner. And even when you require them from multiple parties. In the case of ink signatures, the same document would be couriered or mailed to each party. And this process often takes days to weeks.  

Parties can also electronically authenticate contracts anywhere, at any time, and from their preferred devices (laptop, phones, or tablets). Online signing software offers real-time visibility of document status. And it also informs you of what activity has been performed by the signer immediately. 

This helps a great deal in deciding the next plan of action while in an important contract signing process. For example, sales or hiring a new employee. 

Finding your documents also becomes much faster with e-Signature software. No more rifling through stacks of paper in search of a document you haven’t seen in a while, simply access it with a click of a button.

Saving You Your Second-Most Precious Resource – Money 

The flow of traditional paperwork, when you think about it, involves various costs. The paper, printing, packaging, shipping costs, as well as related travel expenses if you deliver documents to your clients or partners personally. This all adds up to a large sum of money. However, you can trim the fat and cut these extra costs by using online signing software. 

Yes, of course, using an e-signature solution also comes at a cost. However, this is nothing compared to what you already spend on old-fashioned paper methods. 

Securing Your Documents 

When it comes to signatures, security and authenticity are a priority. Online signing software reduces the risk of alteration and duplication of the document itself. Signers are provided with passwords, codes, and PINs, that can verify and authenticate their identity. Timestamping also shows the time and date that the signature was executed. Therefore, there is a minimised risk of fraud or tampering. 

Creating Convenience for You and Your Customers 

The business world in which we operate is geographically dispersed. So, these days, even small and local businesses deal with different suppliers, customers, and partners in various cities and countries. 

Electronic signatures allow for remote authentication. And this makes it a much more convenient solution than the alternative of mailing and/or printing and scanning.

Your business’s success also heavily relies on the experience you provide to your customers. Therefore, over time, your interactions with them must become more and more efficient. E-Signatures save your customers time and make the overall signing process much more convenient for them. 

Clearing Space in the Office 

With online signing software, your documents are set up and stored in the cloud, meaning there’s no need to keep physical files and paperwork anymore. Your offices can have ample storage space if you invest in an online signature solution. This declutters your working space and leaves more office space to store important office equipment.

Increasing Business Productivity 

The time you win back by using electronic signature technology allows for more business productivity because you have more time to close deals, build relationships with your customers and focus on the more strategic aspects of your business.

You also automate the flow of your documents and minimise repetitive and tedious tasks. For example, if you use the same document(s) on a daily basis, the templates feature of whichever e-Signature app you use will become extremely useful. You can create one document and save it as a template. Then, you can reuse it as much as you require, without having to repeatedly edit them to fit each particular case. 

Your Business is Closer to the Future With Online Signing Software 

We find ourselves in a time where e-signatures are becoming more popular. And enough so that most of your customers and clients won’t bat an eyelid when presented with a document that needs to be signed electronically. So, if you’re considering making the switch from old-fashioned paperwork to an e-signature solution – the time is now. 

Don’t hesitate to do what’s best for your business. There is a simple way to innovate and optimise your day-to-day operations. By implementing the use of online signing software, you’re already halfway there.

Have more questions? Contact Agreeable today and we’ll tell you more about how our online signing app can make things simpler for you.

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