Online signing: 6 reasons your business should go paperless

Online signing: 6 reasons your business should go paperless
Have you moved over to the world of online signing yet? If you’re a business owner, you know that being adaptable is crucial for survival.
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Have you moved over to the world of online signing yet? If you’re a business owner, you know that being adaptable is crucial for survival. 

After the 2020 pandemic, businesses moved over to the online signing of contracts and other paperless solutions not only for convenience but to survive. When the world went into complete lockdown, meeting your clients face-to-face to do business and sign contracts became impossible. And if you wanted to hire new staff, you had to interview and onboard them online. 

We break down the top six reasons why moving your contract signing process online is a no-brainer.

What Does Going ‘Paperless’ Mean Exactly?

Businesses have always relied heavily on paper to set up contracts between parties. Going paperless simply means exchanging the physical documents and wet signatures for an online signing solution. 

Therefore, all these ‘paper’ documents are then created, sent, signed and stored online instead of taking up space in your office.

Top 6 Benefits of Going Paperless and Opting for Online Signing of Contracts

1. Go Green for the Planet and Attract Investors

This one is the first one on the list simply because it is the most obvious benefit of going paperless. By swapping the endless stacks of paper with a streamlined online signature maker like Agreeable, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Furthermore, you are more likely to attract investors — especially nowadays when ESG is such a hot topic.

2. Save Effort and Money when Signing Contracts 

Finding ways to cut costs is always on any business’s agenda. The menial process of printing, filing, transporting your contracts with clients or employees — it all adds up! 

But what if you had a way you could cut those costs and move to the online signing of contracts instead? Using a free online signature maker can save your business a lot of money and effort in the long run.

3. Increase Productivity and Speed Up the Onboarding Process

Paperwork always slows down a business and creates unnecessary clutter in an office building. By digitising and transferring everything online, you can exponentially increase productivity by saving time in the contract signing process — and saving space in your office!

Not to mention that your employees will be happier and get more done in half the time when you move to online signing! No more looking for lost papers, shuffling stacks of paper around on their desk, or having to reprint contracts with coffee stains on them.

Furthermore, you speed up the onboarding process exponentially so that signing clients and employing staff becomes a quick, hassle-free process for all involved. Indicating acceptance of a contractual agreement is now as easy as ticking a box and pressing send! 

4. Access to Everything, Everywhere and Anytime 

When remote working became the new normal, all employees and clients had to access business information from home. In the same way, if you have employees who travel frequently, are located in a different region or country, or spend a lot of time on the road, this is very important. 

Regardless of time zones and location, your employees and clients can quickly sign and send contracts online in seconds, sealing the deal without breaking a sweat — or the bank! 

5. Safeguard Your Confidential Information

The days when someone can break into your office and access confidential information is a thing of the past. Or rather, it should be! By moving to the online signing of contracts and storing your confidential information online and in the Cloud, it’s a lot safer. 

Agreeable, for example, uses Microsoft Azure’s ISO 270001-compliant data centres to store all our information. Furthermore, all your information is encrypted, follow legal requirements and comply with GDPR and all other relevant regulations. 

If you’re still not convinced that online contracts are safer, just think that your valuable paperwork can quickly go up in flames or sustain water damage, and not to mention that your confidential information can easily end up in the wrong hands. 

6. Prove Your Compliance to Clients

When it comes to the online signing of contracts with electronic signature makers, you have to (and can easily) prove that you are compliant. By using compliant online signature makers, everyone involved can rest assured that the correct procedures and protection measures are in place and adhered to. 

You also have location-specific regulations, such as the eIDAS Regulation in the UK, that further create a trust and transparency network in the online signing process. 

Swap Wet Signatures for Online Signatures Today

These days you should no longer be asking yourself why you should go paperless. Instead, you should consider the implications if you don’t go paperless. Consider introducing electronic document signing into your business today. 

Sign up for Agreeable’s free, fuss-free online signing solution and embrace the online signing of contracts today. If you still have questions, consult or FAQs or contact us today. Welcome to the world of paperless signing!

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