How To Introduce Electronic Document Signing Into Your Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

A couple of years ago, the thought of electronic document signing might’ve been hard to imagine. However, these days, it has quickly become the status quo. If your business is not catching up and adopting electronic document signing, you might get left behind.

However, although the process can seem daunting at first, it is not that complicated and will significantly improve your business’s workflow and employees’ overall productivity. 

We break down the steps you need to follow when moving from paper and pen to electronic document signing.

Step 1: Weigh Up the Pros and Cons

Firstly, consider what going paperless will mean for your business. You will need this information to ‘sell’ the new approach to your employees and clients. 

If you are fully aware of the benefits and how it will influence the lives of everyone involved, you can put their minds at ease and lead them through the transition. 

Step 2: Do Your Homework: Consider Software and Hardware Requirements

Like with anything in business, you have to do your homework before you commit to a new system. 

When choosing an online signature maker, you should consider your specific business needs and then look for a solution that will best address these needs. It is important that the electronic document solution you opt for integrates with your existing software and systems. 

Many electronic signature makers also store information on the cloud. Agreeable, for example, uses Microsoft Azure’s data centres to securely store your data online. These are certified as ISO 270001 compliant and your data is encrypted to ensure that it is under lock and key. 

A good way to know if it is right for you, is to look at what competitors are using and what they are saying about the solutions they opted for. 

Step 3: Digitise All Documents

You will have to import your physical forms and documents into a digital format in order to migrate to electronic document signing. 

Step 4: Prioritise Employee Training for a Seamless Transition

Any change in business can cause your employees to break out in a nervous sweat. Especially when it includes adopting new technology. You can expect that your employees might not be overly excited to change the way they currently do things.

However, with the proper training and mindset, your employees will soon see that a paperless electronic document signing process will benefit them greatly. The proof will be in the pudding when they realise that it will shave off time spent on their day-to-day admin, a welcome relief for any employee. 

It all comes down to how well managers will assist with the transition, so ensure that you have company leaders who can give employees sufficient support during the transition. 

Step 5: Keep Your Clients In Mind 

Other than your employees, your clients will most actively be involved with the new electronic document signing process. 

And since some of your more traditional clients might be hardest to convert to paperless signing, you therefore might need to consider targeting more tech-savvy clients going forward. 

Step 6: Accept that Technology is Not Perfect. But Neither Are Humans 

Yes, there will be hiccups whenever technology is involved. However, can’t you say the same for humans? Human error occurs more frequently than your technology is letting you down, whether you like to admit it or not. 

If you set up sufficient Q&As about common problems your employees or clients might encounter, you can give them control over these situations when they do arise. Furthermore, you can install certain applications on the devices used for electronic document signing to limit unnecessary interruptions. 

As you adapt to the new technology, you can expand on these Q&As and include training on these common problems during onboarding of new employees or clients. 

Step 7: And Finally, Mentally Prepare for Challenges That Might Arise

You have to understand that changing anything will cause some level of disruption. However, see it as a bump in the road before hitting the freeway. Once you are over the bump, everything will be fast and smooth sailing.

Move Over to the World of Seamless Electronic Signing

At Agreeable, we believe that the transition from paper to screen should be painless. We also believe that it is important to adapt to modern-day practices for your business to stay ahead. That’s why we created Agreeable in order to make it easy to sign up, upload your documents, and sign them online. 

If you want to sign securely and in seconds, Join Agreeable today.