How to improve online client onboarding with an E-Signature creator

How to improve online client onboarding with an E-Signature creator
How can an e-signature creator influence my client onboarding? Well, client onboarding is a critical part of doing business and can make or break your relationship with them going forward.
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How can an e-signature creator influence my client onboarding? Well, client onboarding is a critical part of doing business and can make or break your relationship with them going forward. 

You can see the client onboarding experience as the first impression of your business. And we all know those first impressions last. A poor client onboarding experience can result in poor client retention and financial growth. A frictionless, compliant and speedy onboarding process, however, can impress clients and set you up for success going forward.

Here are a couple of ways that you can strengthen this bond by improving your online client onboarding with an e-signature creator. 

Transitioning to the Online World of Conducting Business

Business operations have changed, and therefore so has the onboarding process leading to these operations. The biggest way that client onboarding has changed is that it has become mostly digital. You, therefore, have to ensure that you transfer and digitise all your onboarding assets online.

One of these includes a quality e-signature maker to seal the deal and get all the paperwork involved with onboarding out of the way.

What is Client Onboarding?

Client onboarding is, as the name suggests, the process of bringing clients on board. The process will depend on your industry and the nature of the agreement. However, you generally have to collect information about them, prove their compliance, sign contracts, provide them with answers to their questions, and explain to them what the process going forward will entail. 

Why an E-Signature Creator Improves the Client Onboarding Experience 

There are a couple of reasons why the online signing of contracts not only makes the process faster and easier but also safer for all involved.

Efficient Systems = Happy Clients

If you expect your clients to jump through hoops for you during the onboarding process, you will leave them frustrated and with a bad first impression. Through a seamless online signing system, they will be impressed instead by saving everyone involved time and effort. 

Safer Than In Your Hands

Online documents these days are way more secure than physical documents. There are so many security measures involved with online signing, as long as you use the right e-signature maker. When using an online signing solution, the process is a lot more transparent as well as traceable for all involved. This makes it tamper-evident and gives you peace of mind that sensitive information is protected.

Quicker Compliance

In the past, businesses such as in the financial industry, had to endure a painful process to ensure compliance when onboarding clients. The smallest error and the lengthy, frustrating process had to be repeated. This was just an unpleasant experience for everyone involved.

 Today, however, technology enables us to certify documents and prove compliance online. The process is also more trustworthy as technology enables all activity to be traceable and tamper-evident.

Automatic Authentication 

E-signature makers often have 3FA (three-factor authentication) or F2F (face-to-face authentication) to verify their identity. This is almost instantaneous through the use of biometrics, PINs, passwords, one-time pins, etc. 

Cost Effective for Your Business

Contracts or just general paper usage used to be a major chunk of a business’s budget. However, by moving the process online, you can breathe a little bit easier and save money on the onboarding process. And not to mention that you are kinder to Mother Earth!

Suits Your Clients’ Schedule

You are no longer bound to your current location. These days, we can sign and send contracts in seconds, so your network has suddenly expanded dramatically. You can now onboard clients from anywhere in the world. And, they can sign in their own time, so you no longer have to find a time that suits everyone’s time zones!

Client Loyalty and Long-Term Retention

Your business’s true value lies in client loyalty. As soon as you sign a contract with a new client, their expectations of you will increase. And by giving them an impressive onboarding experience, you would have already won them over. 

Tips for the Online Onboarding of Clients 

Know Them Inside Out: Send an Online Questionnaire 

Ensure that you know everything about your client and their business right off the bat. You don’t want to have to ask them a simple question months in! 

Inform Clients of The Online Onboarding Process and Platforms

Explain the steps clearly to clients, as some more traditional clients might be intimidated by the idea that the entire onboarding process will be online. They might also be hesitant of using an e-signature maker, so ensure that you explain the process, as well as reassuring them of the security.

Send Them a Welcome Packet 

Just because the onboarding process is online does not mean that you can’t make them feel welcome! Give them a pack of PDFs that will show your appreciation, give an overview of your services and agreement, and what they can expect from your relationship going forward.

Consider Automating Communication

You can set up reminders, follow-up emails, and more to ensure you keep the conversation going. The worst mistake you can make after onboarding is to stop all communication with them. Keep checking in with them to nurture the relationship you built. 

Move to the World of Online Client Onboarding  With an E-signature Creator

During such a critical phase of your business relationship with clients, you simply cannot afford to make a bad impression. Make the process easier, more secure, quicker, and more pleasant for all involved with a quality e-signature maker like Agreeable today.

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