Can you digitally sign a sales contract?

Can you digitally sign a sales contract?
Can you e-sign a sales contract
John Dennehy

CEO & Founder of Agreeable

Yes is the short answer if done correctly. Both the US and EU have passed laws giving legal status to electronic signatures. To safely comply you should use an electronic signature platform like These platforms ensure that the person signing is who they claim to be, the contract has not been changed in any way, a third party certification authority has stamped it, and there’s an audit trail. 

There are some exceptions especially in regards to the transfer of rights to a property. A lease or the sale of a property (deeds) need to be witnessed. It’s currently not generally accepted that electronic signatures can be witnessed. This is changing but for now property related sales are best signed with wet ink.

However, if you need to get regular sales contracts or client engagement letters signed, electronic signatures are perfect. They’re better for a bunch of reasons:

  • Faster - no waiting around for the postvan to arrive.
  • Cheaper - email notifications and online signing is much cheaper than printing and posting.
  • More reliable - nobody wants to be an expert on filing paper anymore. Digital copies of signed documents are easily stored and retrieved even years later. 
  • Environmentally friendly - you’ll sleep easier knowing you’re not pumping unnecessary carbon into the atmosphere and chopping down trees for paper. 
  • Progressive - your clients are more likely to see you as a progressive organization if you’re using electronic signatures instead of paper, ink, and post. 

Agreeable makes it easy to setup online templates for contracts or engagement letters. You can just point your clients to these and they can sign them online saving you time and money. Try a free account today and see how you can benefit.

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