Agreeable tech stack, secure, robust and modern.

As a start-up company founded in 2020 Agreeable has a modern technology stack, updated to the latest versions, prioritising security, resilience and usability.
Josep Vidal

Frontend Lead at Agreeable

At our core, Azure Cloud

We use Microsoft cloud services to orchestrate all our services. From organising the work of our software engineers, to managing our user accounts, to the various applications that keep Agreeable running.

Security first

As a digital signature application we are aware of the importance of the security of all the data we handle (documents, users, logs...) that's why we use robust solutions, tested and supported by reputable companies in the business environment such as Microsoft:

  • We delegate authentication to Azure Active Directory following best practices on the market and security standards. We do not store any user password or any confidential information for authentication, which increases the security on our end. Users can authenticate with external identity providers such as Google or Microsoft via OAuth2, a proven and trustworthy protocol for authentication..
  • Azure Key Vault (KMS) allows us to store and use secrets in different encrypted environments with the latest and most secure algorithms. Our signing certificates are stored within Azure Key Vault using HSM (Hardware security modules) to match advanced electronic signature standards..
  • We use azure blob storage to securely and confidentially store all documents uploaded to Agreeable, we encrypt all documents stored within it to comply with most restrictive data protection regulation. 
  • We partnered with Entrust to provide your document signatures that are trusted around the globe by having high-assurance, trustworthy certificates that have been approved by Adobe and can trace a relationship back to the Adobe Approved Trust List.

Resilient and robust from the start

Agreeable has been built from the ground up to withstand huge volumes of movement while maintaining data integrity and availability.

Our engineering decisions have always been with those goals in mind, which is why the core of our app runs on .NET 5, a mature and proven language and environment.

The environment, however, by itself was not enough to solve our problems, that's why we took Event Driven Design as the implementation pattern of our solutions to answer that problem. Transforming user and application interactions into small events that are emitted and then consumed allows us to scale quickly and easily at both the software and hardware levels.

In order to orchestrate these events until they are successfully consumed, we use a Service Bus and queues for transport.

Modern looking, cohesive and accessible

We have set ourselves the goal of offering the best and easiest to use digital signature platform on the market, all our efforts on the customer side have been with these goals in mind.

We offer an easy to use application, where the flow of use is direct and concise, straight to the point. For this we use React and Tailwind as vehicles and engines for the visual part of Agreeable.

Using React allows us to build our pages starting from the smallest block and then reuse these same components in any other page, update one block and they are all updated. Complemented with Storybook we have a library of visually appealing and coherent blocks to build pages quickly.

Tailwind, on the other hand, abstracts the styles applied to these pages and components, unifies them, and makes working with third parties in charge of the user experience a mere formality, as we both speak the same language.

Used together, they make Agreeable a site that looks modern, cohesive and accessible to all audiences.

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