John Dennehy


John is the solo investor at Agreeable. Most recently, he founded Zartis.com, a digital services company with over 200 professionals. He exited the business through an MBO and the team continues to grow the business successfully.

He’s also the founder of Hirehive.com, a SaaS recruitment company. Prior to this he co-founded Upstart Games, a developer and publisher of mobile phone games with clients including Disney, Sony Pictures, Capcom, and Konami. He is an investor in Bryon Recruitment, a company connecting teachers with international schools.

He was also an investor and co-founder in Fonepool, a prepaid call credit company sold to Jersey Telecom. Outside of work John loves being in or on the ocean and is a keen surfer, kayaker, and diver. He studied in Dublin and South Africa, and lives in Cork, Ireland.


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